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Why have Kids Birthday Parties with our Super Party Heroes?

Why Choose the Super Party Heroes for your kids birthday parties instead of other birthday party entertainment for boys?

1. We are the biggest professional organisers and entertainers of kids birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Superhero and Pirate birthday party shows we perform for cater specifically for boys aged 4-7 years old.

2. In 2011 SuperSteph’s “Super Party Heroes” performed for 783 kids birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. You are hiring our knowledge and experience that those hundreds of kids birthday parties for boys has taught us.

3. Super Party Heroes has 13 entertainers plus SuperSteph PLUS two assistants (Wayne and Frances). If any of these entertainers are sick one quick phone call to one of our Party Heroes will save the day. It is inevitable that one day any kids birthday party entertainer in Brisbane and the Gold Coast will fall very ill – at least we have back up guys to fill that spot!

4. We don’t let you down! Our Current number of missed birthday parties in 3 years stands at 1. It was due to a huge traffic accident on the Ipswich road (it was on the news). The client understood SuperSteph was stuck in a HUGE jam and SuperSteph did a 2 hour party for her (instead of 50 mins) the day after – everyone was happy and SuperSteph was invited back to perform for the older boys birthday party later that year! In three years we have performed 1284 shows – Statistically, That’s 1 in 1284 chance we will not make it – That’s nothing to worry about!

5. Quality is key at your kids birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our costumes and performers wear the best costumes on the market. We refuse to go out in cheap costumes as it looks bad for our SuperSteph brand.

6. Our professional kids birthday parties entertainers love kids! This is a strange thing to say, but you will understand after you have seen a few amateur entertainers at other kids birthday parties that some just don’t have that connection with the children.

7. You don’t have to do a thing but enjoy your special little boys birthday party. Take photos, chat to parents, get the party food ready – but don’t worry about the kids birthday party entertainment. Leave that up to us!

8. “Super Party Heroes” is privately run by former primary schoolteacher SuperSteph. SuperSteph is Brisbane’s most sought after kids birthday parties entertainer. She has a brand to uphold and is careful that this brand is continued to create positive and happy parents.

9. Talk to the parents at your kindy or school. Ask around – You will hear the best entertainers names from their lips. We are sure we are in those few names!

10. It is not unusual anymore to hire an entertainer for kids birthday Parties. Don’t feel guilty that you are not entertaining the children yourself. Todays world we outsource everything; clothes come from other countries, the car goes to the mechanic, we go to restaurants to have our meals cooked for us… It’s a way of simplifying your very busy life – Don’t feel guilty about that.

Kids Birthday Parties Entertainers in Brisbane and The Gold Coast – The “Super Party Heroes”

Here is a bit of the background of your Super Party Heroes – The best Kids Birthday Parties Entertainers in Brisbane and The Gold Coast.


SuperSteph is the owner of “SuperSteph Magic shows”, “Super Party Heroes” and “Sydney Fairy Parties” and also “Fairy Parties Brisbane”. SuperSteph is also the owner of the popular free kids birthday parties entertainer directory across Australia

SuperSteph is a registered Queensland Primary Schoolteacher and taught ages 4-7years for 5 years back in the biggest Infant school in Hampshire, England. SuperSteph is a full time kids birthday parties magician for kids birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast region.

Occasionally SuperSteph also appears as a special guest in the kids hit TV show Wurrawhy on Network 10 with her friends “Lauren “ and “Wubbleyoo”

SuperSteph has an incredible talent for memorising names in seconds. In just 2-3 minutes SuperSteph is able to meet 30 children, have a very brief hello with each of them to ask their name, and then recall the names back to the children throughout the kids birthday party magic show making SuperSteph’s show and incredibly personal experience.


Wayne is SuperSteph’s personal assistant. Wayne saw this special kids birthday parties entertainer position on CareerOne. His first day out at kids birthday parties with SuperSteph she asked Wayne how he felt… “Terrified” was his reply!

That was three long years ago! Now Wayne is the backbone behind Super Party Heroes and organises everything from party bags to packing the costumes and taking bookings to performing himself at kids birthday parties.

Waynes has been performing for 20 years and in 2011 made it to the finals of Australias Got Talent with a classical yet modern orchestra “Deep Blue” – you can see him here on dancing…stilts playing the Cello! – This guy has BAGS of energy!

Christopher B:

SuperSteph was driving home in her SuperMobil one day – back to Superhero Secret Headquarters when, out of the corner of her eye, in the traffic jam, was a balloon sword being waved at her by a passing driver. The only thing SuperSteph could do at that moment was challenge this man to a balloon duel.

Traffic was high – balloons were blown and a fight commenced between to giggly strangers out of the windows of their vehicles! The lights changed green and the stranger disappeared into the rat race…

Until SuperSteph received an email through her website from this stranger wanting to meet up and talk secret superhero and kids birthday parties business.

It turns out That Christopher did the very same thing down in Sydney and was more than happy to join the “Super Party Heroes” as the trainer of the other entertainers.


Frances has been a superhero for kids birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for 3 years. Frances is also an incredible face painter who creates her own
designs and also trains up the other superheroes to paint faces at kids birthday parties.

Frances’ background is a professional actress and is the senior teacher of Australia’s incredible physical theatre company Zen Zen Zo.

Frances also is SuperSteph’s second assistant so you may well be chatting on the phone to her about your little boys birthday party!


Ellen is a radiant incredible superhero that has perfect control over every party she does. Ellen was the first ever Super Party Hero for SuperSteph just over three years ago. Ellen is also a professional actress and has also appeared on Network 10’s kids TV show ‘Wurrawhy’.

Ellen is also an amazing face painter and her talents were recently shown on Network 10.


Dane is a strapping young man with an incredible smile! All the mums love Dane! Dane looks like he could really be a superhero! He has just finished being a contestant on ‘The Amazing Race Australia’ and is sworn to secrecy on the outcome (as all superheroes have their secrets!)

Dane has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree a very long history in health and fitness and has been a kids birthday party superhero for a year now. We get so many positive emails about how incredible Dane was at their kids birthday parties and we are proud to have him on board!


The incredible Balloonist! This lovely lady is talented in all directions and the loveliest person! Superhero Sophie is incredibly good at parties with small numbers of young boys and girls as she has a very happy and soft approach to children whereas some of the other entertainers could be a little ‘full on’ for the shy groups.

If you hear of an incredible balloon twister at a recent kids birthday party then most likely it is SuperSteph or Sophie. Sophie has a natural talent at balloons and parents are in awe as well as the children. Please look at the balloon gallery for some of the incredible balloon creations you can have at your kids birthday party in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Outside of being a Superhero entertainer for kids birthday parties, Sophie is also a member of the orchestra ‘Deep Blue’ and in 2011 starred in the Finals in Australias Got Talent.

Chris W.

This guy can ACT! Chris is incredible at keeping the character he is playing for the whole duration of the kids birthday party. Chris is currently studying a Bachelor in Performing Arts and takes his role as a super party hero entertainer seriously. Although he is the newest member of the group – only 6 months with us, parents fill our inbox with praise for this incredible actor. He has a naturally high energy and is loved by boys and girls at kids birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Natasha is attending a Music Theatre Course at the Conservatorium of Musicand is an incredible singer with the vintage glamour band ‘Eastside Belles’. This lovely lady could roll out of bed and still look beautiful! There is something about Natasha that exudes Superhero. Natasha is a natural with entertaining even older boys. Her confidence and charm shines whilst performing at her superhero themed kids birthday parties.

Aimee (In Our Sydney Branch, NSW-):

Aimee is firstly a schoolteacher. This is why she is such a competent Superhero at kids birthday parties in Sydney. Aimee has the incredible talent of being able to entertain the very young children that may be quite shy. Aimee has worked in for the Sydney branch of Super Party Heroes for kids parties for 8 months and organises her own giveaways and costumes. We are very happy to have such an organised member on our team in Sydney to represent us.

Frankie (In our Sydney Branch, NSW):

The first time you meet Frankie you feel a warm bubbly friendly feeling. Frankie is a drama school teacher and pretend play is literally her profession! Frankie is polite and punctual and is as keen and as excited as the boys at the superhero themed kids birthday party.

Again SuperSteph makes sure that any member of the team away from the Brisbane base has incredible skills to control as well as entertain at kids birthday parties in Sydney.

SuperSteph and the Super Party Heroes is the fastest growning Kids party entertainers company in Australia and we cannot have anyone ruining our shining reputation as we head to the top. When Frankie is not donning on her boys superhero birthday party costume to entertain the manic crown Frankie is found surfing in competitions in Bondi.

Book Your Brisbane and Gold Coast Super Party Hero for Fantastic Kids Birthday Parties!

Its so easy, Just click on the link below and send us some info about your kids birthday party and we will send you a quote and availability.

The superheroes perform at kids Birthday Parties for boys and girls from Caboolture, to Ipswich, To the Gold Coast, To Brisbane.

Where are the prices?:

As birthday parties vary from 5 children up to around 250 children (school events) and availability changes hourly it is impossible to give a quote online (believe us – we tried and everyone got confused)

So just send us a quick message and we will make sure you get the correct type of show that will work for your event and also prices and availability.

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