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Superhero Magic Party For Kids Birthdays

Want your little boy to show of his magic powers at his Pirate or Superhero themed Birthday party for kids?


Your special birthday boy will become the star in his very own magic show!
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His friends will watch him make an animal from a bowl of fire, Use wacky wands that break, multiply and fly off in his hands. He will get to wear the magicians special cape and hat. Your son’s superhero magical powers will also colour in a silk image of the superhero “Captain UnderPants”. Finally, to cap of your birthday boys magic show, your son will make a real live rabbit with his magic wand!


Every girl and boy as this amazing magic birthday party for kids will get a magic wand that turns into a certificate and also a balloon animal. Your son will also receive from this famous Brisbane Magician a super magical balloon hat.


Why Get Magician, SuperSteph, at Your Superhero Party For Kids



This Brisbane and Gold Coast based Magician is a REAL Superhero Party Magician! SuperSteph comes in her Supermobil and red boots and tailor made superhero costume to stand out from the crowd at your boys birthday party.


Yes, SuperSteph is a lady. But her magic shows are not girly! SuperSteph has a family based comedy show with funny bits and pieces just for the adults and teenagers and the kids don’t suspect a thing! This is the comedy magic show that parents go home entertained as well as the kids.
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Want to make a magical party for kids at your little boys birthday party? This is what you need. The most qualified childrens birthday party magician in Brisbane and the Gold Coast will have any boys birthday party in hysterics! Magic shows are a great idea when you are organising a birthday party for kids that are into superheroes and Pirates. SuperSteph has a special birthday party for kids that want pirate and superhero themed birthdays.


SuperSteph knows that boys superhero and pirate themed birthday parties need to be high energy and with lots of audience participation as well as funny kid friendly jokes for the cheeky boys and girls.


Control is important at a magic birthday party for kids. SuperSteph was a fulltime primary schoolteacher for five years, and before that, finished her Performing Arts and Marketing degree with honours.
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Brisbane’s best magician for a magic birthday party for kids also has a REAL superhero power. She can memorise around 100 names in 15 minutes. The parents are blown away watching how SuperSteph can literally reel off names of children she has JUST met as if they have been friends for years!


Boys and girls at your sons magic superhero themed birthday party for kids ask “How do you know our names?”


“Magic” says SuperSteph!


There is only ONE SuperSteph – She is always booked out every weekend – so if you are lucky and you get in early – you will get her to make your boys themed superhero or pirate magic party for kids a stress free success.


Superhero Themed Birthday Party for Kids Cannot Be Easier!


The best thing about getting Brisbane and the Gold Coasts very own magical superhero is knowing that you are in good hands. SuperSteph runs Super Party Heroes that now has 13 qualified entertainers. SuperSteph also runs Australia’s best free kids party entertainer directory


No one in Brisbane and the Gold Coast organise as many superhero and pirate themed birthday parties for kids as SuperSteph and her Super Party Heroes!
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Through the amount of expertise behind the scenes of kids birthday parties and through performing over 400 kids birthday parties in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast SuperSteph has a polished show with lots of one liners for the adults as well as the children.


This Brisbane Magician has NEVER called in sick for a birthday party for kids! The show, as they say, must go on!


Book now to make sure your special boy has a funny and professional superhero Birthday Party Magician at his party for kids.


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