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What Does an Entertainer do in a Superhero Party?

Plan a stress Free Boys Superhero Party for Special Kids Birthday Parties In Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Get a Party Entertainer to Play Party Games For You. Our Super Party heroes are the easiest way to organise an amazing boys superhero party. Contact us on 0411 114 709 or fill in the Contact form


The Brisbane and Gold Coast Super Party Heroes use their special powers to train girls and boys up to become mini superheroes. This superhero party will be the perfect combination of excitement, action, magic and craziness!
birthday superhero party brisbane
The girls and boys will learn to jump higher, run faster, hide from evil villains, and use super magic powers to pass the superhero party training program. The show is specifically tailored for the age range of children at the superhero party. Our Brisbane and Gold Coast Super Party heroes are so experienced with children ages 3-7 years that you will hear comments from other parents: “How did you organise this entertainer?”


The Brisbane and Gold Coast Super Party heroes will look after everything to entertain the children for 1 or 1.5 hours leaving you with just enough time for food and cake! JOB DONE!


What Exactly happens in a Boys Superhero Party?


Exactly? That’s tough to say before we meet your superhero Party guests – and here is why:


Your boys superhero party entertainer will perform games that fit the types of children at the party and the environment that they are in.


Children that are on the shy side will have a calmer introduction to their masked superhero so we do not scare them. Older or more competitive children will play games that are more boisterous and high energy.
boys superhero party
Below is a structure of a show for around 15 confident mixed boys and girls aged 6 years old.




Successful kids superhero party entertainment has different variations of games to keep the interest the children and your boys superhero party will have just that!


Brisbane and the Gold Coast is a crazy place with evil villains everywhere. Your tough little boy and his friends have been chosen by a real superhero to get trained up and become mini superheroes.
boys superhero party brisbane
Our Super Party Heroes hosts are well prepared in training your boys and girls with fast paced action games. The superheroes are brimming with incredible ways to outsmart the enemy, and of course, jam-packed with energy for the best kids superhero party entertainment!!




By now the boys and girls at the kids superhero party have got warmed up ready for the mission that lies ahead. This short pause gives the children time to ask any questions to their new superhero friend and to tell the superhero party entertainer of any villains they have heard of and what powers will help defeat the naughty criminals.




To make sure the kids at superhero party are mentally prepared for action the children “train” through lively superhero party games. They learn to outwit their challengers. They will Freeze faster, jump higher and react to treacherous superhero situations quicker than ever!
boy superhero party ideas
The superhero party games flow with ease from one to the next and your child, with his superhero friends, remain enthralled throughout the kids birthday party with stories and laughter all the while your superhero party entertainer stays in character.


The games are energetic and exciting, especially the one where your child’s friends get wrapped up in webs (streamers and baking paper.) Your son will have to save them all!

You will notice up to 20* very happy birthday party children, comical to watch, transform before your eyes into mini Superheroes.




A highlight of the kids superhero birthday parties The superhero force field (a giant parachute used for kids superhero party games)… Your mini superhero party guests will learn how to duck for cover, respond quickly to instructions from their superhero and spin your birthday child into a frenzy of fun – make sure the camera is at hand to capture their faces!
Superhero party brisbane


Then your happy boy’s friends at his birthday party will absolutely love the final part of the kids superhero party – a balloon tickle sword fight! Which balloon will last the longest? Will the evil villains get captured? Reams of paper are thrown overhead as they tie up their archenemies (two willing Mums or Dads). Make sure you get your cameras out for this!



Finally cool Superhero birthday party stickers are given to all the children and your child is even presented with a special Superhero’s present. The boys and girls at the birthday party then take time to have photos taken with your child’s special guest before their Superhero party entertainer whisks off into the sunset to continue the fight against crime…


We stress that these are look-a-like superheroes only and not the real thing.


Book A Stress Free Superhero Party Now!


Our superhero party entertainers work across Brisbane and the Gold Coast for both girls and boys birthday parties. We have a variety of male and female superhero party hosts for you to choose from. Our superhero party entertainers are fully qualified in entertaining up to 20 children each and have public liability of up to $20 million!
Superhero party ideas
Most parents work during the week. It is hard to organise birthday parties for one child a year. A lot of parents have more than one child. Organising the correct superhero party games for your kids birthday party may result in a lot of hours trawling around free sites for superhero party ideas.


Fear NOT! The Super Party Heroes have up to 2.5 hours of party games and HUNDREDS of shows specifically themed around a superhero party that they know exactly which games to choose to suit the needs of the ages and numbers of children (not to mention if it rains and all the superhero party games have to suddenly be held indoors!)


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