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Pirate Party

Invite A Real Captain to Your boys Pirate Party!

Your son is into pirates and we have the BEST place to find one! Our Super Pirate Party Entertainers of Brisbane and the Gold Coast will capture their imaginations as they lead the active pirate birthday party themed games at your pirate party.


Balloon Sword tickle fights are a must in this special boys party. Every one of the children gather together to take arms against some swashbuckling wayward sea smugglers (two of the daddies) With cheers and merriment the children tickle the bandits with the balloons and wrap them up in a huge ream of white paper!


Your Captain at your boys pirate party will also take the children through a range of tests of agility and strength such as tug of war, the fastest to the helm and the sneakiest pirate in the crew.


The pirate party entertainer will also have magic that will show who is seaworthy to join this motley crew. All of your sons friends at his kids birthday party will help him with the magic and say the secret magic sounds.

Traditional Party games that the children wait in anticipation for are played but with a pirate party twist. Instead of Musical Statues they play musical pirates and have to do what the Captain says. They will be scrubbing floors and climbing the rigging in no time!


What Birthday Party Games Do The Pirates Play At My Boys Pirate Party?


Before the birthday party pirate turns up at your boys pirate themed party the children have been told by the parents to look out of their telescopes for a real life pirate.


When your birthday boys party pirate hears the yells of “Ahoy” from his new crew your pirate entertainer bounds into character to shape the scamps into shipshape!


Boys and girls at a pirate party need a variety of variable speed and tempo to keep their attention. Your pirate party entertainer from Brisbane and Gold Coast’s “Super Party Heroes” uses their years of experience to cater to the needs of the children at your boys party on that very special day.


Below is a typical 5/6 year old layout of a boys pirate party held with our fabulous pirate birthday party entertainers. – If your children are younger/older/quieter/boisterous the games below will change to fit the needs of the boys and girls.


Your “Super Party Heroes” Real life Pirates are, brimming with fun and loaded with energy for the best birthday boys party entertainment!


The pirate birthday party plot travels smoothly from fun to excitement. Your little boys party guests will love to join in on the crazy antics of the huge loveable pirate standing in front of them.

0-20mins: Pirates Power Training


Your child and his team will learn from their pirate party entertainer how to pull the rigging, smuggle themselves onto boats and outrun other pirates at the birthday party by a variety of birthday party action games completely themed around your child’s pirate birthday character.


No one can stop when there are sails to be hoisted. The pirates at the birthday party flex their muscles as they pull on the ropes to hoist the imaginary sails.


20-25mins: A Pirates Ale Stop!



After getting the Deck shipshape pirates get a quick Ale stop. This quick stop is a great break to get to know the mini pirates at your pirate party and answer any questions on pirates that they have. It’s then quickly back to setting sail for the lost Land.




At your Pirate themed birthday boys party the mini pirates will have to think like true scallywags! They have to learn through adventurous pirate play how to react to dangerous pirate party shenanigans.


The pirate party games are full of energy and exciting to watch. Your happy boy will have to save all of his friends from being captured and wrapped up (wrapping paper) by the enemy. All of his friends to your sons pirate party will cheer him as they are set free.


Parents can relax and watch their boy or girl transform into the perfect pirate.





A quick change of tempo for the pirates at your birthday themed boys party… The boys and girls will be lead by your Brisbane and the Gold Coast Pirate Party entertainer to the most colourful Pirate sail ever seen (Parachute). The children will learn how to run for cover, react quickly to commands from their pirate birthday party character and spin your birthday boy into a frenzy of fun at his boys party. Make sure the camera is at hand to capture their faces!





Then your birthday boy’s party pirates will cheer when they find out the finale of your little Boys Pirate party – a balloon sword tickle fight! Which balloon will last the longest? The motley crew gather together in unity to defeat the bad guys. Tickle swords are raised in the air with the sound “CHARGE”! Reams of paper are thrown overhead by your Brisbane and Gold Coast boys party entertainer. “Tie ‘em up me hearties!” The pirate hollers and the crew spring into action.




Finally cool birthday party stickers are given to all the children and your child is even presented with a special present from his Birthday Party Pirate. The boys and girls at your boys party then grin from ear to ear as they have photos taken with the Captain before their pirate party entertainer departs off into the distance to continue the quest for the Lost Land.


Make your pirate party a success.


Brisbane and the Gold Coast Super Party heroes are going to be a big hit at your pirate party. Parents will ask you for the entertainers number and your special birthday boy will be asking when the pirate will be coming back even weeks after the party has finished.


Here are some of our comments on what other parents in your shoes had to say after their pirate party:


Carly – Carindale, Brisbane


“Zephs party was a huge success and I wanted to say a big thank you to you and Wayne. He looked amazing as the pirate. It was well worth the money.”


Megan – Southport, Gold Coast


“Thanks Stephanie. Pirate Sophie and Captain Jaz were simply delightful! The boys loved them. Ethan had a wonderful pirate party. We will definitely use your company again for our younger boys party!”


Kim and Brian – Durack, Brisbane


“From the moment Wayne arrived everyone was captivated…parents included! The show was fantastic and was even better than we had anticipated. We will definitely recommend Wayne to our friends! Nash has talked about Captain Jack everyday since the pirate party!!


Thank you for fitting us in on such short notice! Please pass on to Wayne how happy we were with his show!”


Kathryn – Wynnum, Brisbane


“To Stephanie,

Thankyou for the party you hosted for Patrick’s pirate themed birthday party on Sunday. It was wonderful the kids and adults enjoyed the show it is the topic of Patrick’s class at school today!”

Justine – Springwood, Brisbane


“Hi Super Steph,

Wow, I really do not know how to thank you for such an amazing day yesterday,
I always hire “someone” to do my kids birthdays, as I feel they need some extra
happiness in their life, they are so small for such a short time.


I looked around, and never saw a sad face, every one was happy and laughing and just having a good time, and that is what we are about, just happy people.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Emily and Flynn birthday magical, and for being the life of the party. ON a side note, My little boy (Jake) wants you for his party you do a superhero is that right? “


Mary – Underwood, Brisbane


“Dear Stephanie,
Thanks very much for the wonderful entertainment you provided for Andrew’s pirate party on Friday. Andrew was thrilled to have such a special pirate at his pirate themed party and all the children enjoyed it a lot too. Even the parents were all praising you. Andrew is still telling everyone about his ‘SuperSteph Pirate Party’.
It was great how you brought along your lovely bunny rabbit . You did an excellent job and I would highly recommend you to any parent.”


Nicole & Max Boldt – Ascot, Brisbane


“Dear Steph,

I would rather not be anonymous with my comments as my feedback is so
positive and I wanted to personally thank yourself and Wayne for
making Nicholas’s pirate party so wonderful.


Wayne from the first point of contact to the end of the party was
professional, courteous, obliging and most of all he kept the kids
entertained and captivated for the duration of the party (which I must
say I had my doubts). I felt at ease knowing the kids were in such
good hands.


Here’s a few comments I heard at the boys pirate party:-


“was he a real pirate?”

“he was the best thing ever”

“we didn’t know pirates liked running races”

“can he come to my party”


On that note I have passed on referrals to at least 3 mums since the boys
party so I hope you get some business from that.
I will most certainly use Super Party Heroes again and recommend to others.
Again thank you and Wayne for a great party. Captain Jack made the day.



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